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Our Hair Designers and Colour Technicians undergo rigorous training and testing at the L'Oréal academy in London. Several members of the Wilde About Hair team have achieved the Colour Degree Specialist qualification. One of the top accolades in L'Oréal hair colour. We take inspiration from the catwalk or high fashion and then work with our clients to create real hair styles for real people. We also offer a comprehensive range of L'Oréal and Pureology products. By combining these professional quality products with our unique tips and styling techniques - You'll have no problem recreating your style when away from the salon.


Colour Me

Stylist Technician Specialist Technician*
Spiral Lights £166.00
Full Head Foil From £132.00 From £148.00
Half Head Foil From £104.00 From £115.50
Instant Highlights From £49.50 From £61.00
T Section From £71.50 From £83.00
Tint & Foil From £104.00 From £120.00
Tint Regrowth From £55.00 From £59.00
Natural Glossing From £49.50 From £50.50
Balayage From £104.00 From £120.50
Toner From £17.00 From £17.00
Silk Bath £33.00 £33.00
Colour Correction By individual quotation
Creative Colouring By individual quotation
Racoon Extension By individual quotation

Treat Me

Bespoke L'Oréal Power Dose From £11.00
Smartbond Luxury Treatment From £26.50
Smartbond Colour Service From £31.50

Style Me

Hair Designer Graduate Hair Designer Advanced Hair Designer Senior Hair Designer Management team
Cut & finish £41.00 £52.00 £60.00 £66.00 £69.50
Restyle £51.50 £62.00 £71.50 £76.50 £80.00
Men's cut & finish £32.50 £36.00 £38.50 £40.00 £41.50
Wash & finish £30.50 £32.50 £33.50 £34.50 £35.50
Long hair dressing £42.00 £43.00 £44.00 £46.00 £48.00
Express Curl & Straighten £26.00 £27.00 £28.00 £29.00 £30.00
Wedding hair (two sessions) £90.00 £100.00 £100.00 £100.00 £100.00

All technical services exclude cut & finish service charges.
All technical services must be completed with a minimum of a finish service.
*Specialist technicians are L'Oréal colour degree specialist holders.
Technical service prices do not include a professional cut & blow dry.
All prices are inclusive of VAT. All major credit cards accepted.
Prices vary due to the level of technical work involved.
All prices are inclusive of a full consultation on colour advice and care programme.
A skin test is required on all colour services 48hrs before visit.
PPE charge of £ 6.00 in place until further notice.

Important – Change to Skin Allergy Testing Policy

We are updating our allergy testing policy to reflect the current situation and the fact that everyone’s sensitivity to the ingredients in our hair colour products may have changed during lockdown.

We will be sending out colour smart skin tests. This is for your safety whilst having a colour service and once applied and there is no reaction this will cover you again until you have your next colour service.

This will take only seconds to apply, but without it, we will not be able to proceed with your hair colour appointment.


Friendly expert advice

Thinking of changing your hair cut, colour or style? Wilde About Hair is here to help and give you the friendly expert advice you need.

Choosing your hair style is such a deeply personal subject that we must take many factors in to account. Our stylists, technicians and hair designers are trained to the highest standards. We are experts in all aspects of hairdressing and care, but pride ourselves on our personal touch.

We will give you expert advice on the maintenance and care of your hair once you leave the salon. We also offer a full range of products to care for and style your hair.

We look forward to welcoming you into the calm and relaxing environment at Wilde About Hair St Albans.

Contact info

  • Address: 15 French Row, St Albans, AL3 5DU

  • Phone: 01727830527

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